• Tepache is a naturally fermented beverage from Mexico that is made of pineapples and sweetened with turbinado sugar and other spices. Recipes are passed down through the generations and there are thousands of versions that exist throughout Mexico. It is served cold and often found in the heart of villages and cities alike.

  • Yes! Tepache is naturally fermented and develops both probiotic and prebiotic qualities making it a great digestion aid and good for gut health overall.

  • Yes and no. They’re both fermented and probiotic but Tepache contains less sugar and is naturally flavored. Tepache is made from pineapples, kombucha is made from tea. A byproduct of Tepache’s fermentation process is lactic acid (also found in yogurt) which is good for your gut. It has less acetic acid than kombucha, giving it a less funky flavor than kombucha.

  • Not at all. Our versions of Tepache are made with turbinado sugar, but most of the flavor comes from the other fruit elements that we add like fresh mango, apples, or oranges. Tepache is naturally flavorful and delicious. It’s also less than 40 calories a can. Win-win!

  • Our Chief of Fermentation, Rafael Martin Del Campo is a 3rd generation Tepache maker born and raised in Mexico City. The entire De La Calle team studied over fifty versions of Tepache to ensure the right balance of sweetness to tang. They wanted to craft recipes that harken to the traditional flavors of Tepache while bringing a fun modern twist that suits the American tongue.

  • We currently offer 5 different flavors that range from a more traditional Tepache taste profile, to something with more of a kick like our Picante chili mango flavor. We recommend trying them all, and even pairing them with tequila for a deliciously refreshing (and healthier) cocktail!

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