De La Calle is about compadres in camaraderie.

It’s about celebrating all life has to offer.

It’s about discovering authentic flavors both traditional and modern.

It’s about the spirit of street food culture in Mexico.

And gathering people in celebration of good times and good eats.

Rafael Martin del Campo & Alex Matthews

Meet Our Founders

De La Calle’s Tepache came to be through a series of kismet and deep love for food, culture, and travel.

Entrepreneur Alex Matthews was drawn to Mexico City through his passion for food, architecture, travel and design. After venturing away from the city’s more well known neighborhoods of Condesa, Roma, and Polanco, he found himself deep in the heart of the city’s produce and meat markets. There, his first encounter with Tepache left him nothing short of enchanted. Refreshing and flavorful, he was astonished to find there were hundreds and hundreds of variations of this ancient Mexican beverage that existed in the tepacherias and street food stalls throughout the city.

Through friends and colleagues, Alex was introduced to Rafael Martin Del Campo, a native-born Mexican who had learned how to make Tepache from his grandmother, but also studied culinary arts and food science technology.

Call it fate or destiny, but Rafael’s passion for fermentation and love of his cultural heritage made him the perfect partner in developing De La Calle’s proprietary large scale fermentation processes. Together, they studied every version of Tepache they could get their hands on, working hard to adapt versions that would honor both the authenticity of this ancient drink but also celebrate the innovative nature of culinary arts. Our Tepache recipes marry together traditional and modern ingredients in a quest to create something that is deeply drinkable and happy to be healthy!


Pronounced “teh-pah-che,” this fermented probiotic beverage has been made in Mexico for centuries. Thousands of versions of Tepache exist, each varying in the spices or flavorings used but the core of it all is pineapples. We use certified organic pineapples to create our Tepache and we promise you this -- it’s delicious and unlike anything else you’ve tasted.


  • Natural, probiotic & prebiotic properties promote gut health.
  • Low in sugar, but high in flavor.
  • Rich in antioxidants.
  • A hydrating alternative to sugary sodas.
  • Deeply drinkable and delicious.
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Not only is Tepache delicious, it’s a healthy alternative to other bubbly beverages and low in sugar! Great as a midday sip or paired with tequila to make Taco Tuesday even more fun.

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Served & sipped in the streets, tepache is often served ice cold in a plastic baggy, offering refreshment to passing travelers and natives alike. When crafting our versions, we tried over 50 different recipes, noting the regional ingredients that created slight variations to flavor profile and taste.

In celebration of street food culture, we wanted to create something that was authentic and incredibly delicious for you and yours to enjoy.

Our Chief of Fermentation and Co-Founder Rafa works hard to lead the team in developing flavors that are imaginative and delicious, pulling inspiration from ingredients and flavors found throughout Mexico. Whether it’s tamarind or cactus flower, he cites traditional Mexican recipes as well as art and architecture as sources of inspiration. Just wait until you see what’s coming next!

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Discover the authentic tastes from the streets of Mexico.

Drink in the nostalgia of refreshments made for centuries with recipes passed down.

Toast to modern flavors and create new traditions together.