Non-Alcoholic Drinks That Taste Amazing

Some days, the pressures and stresses of everyday life are just too much. With frantic news cycles and so much uncertainty over the past two years, you don’t always need the added pressure of an alcohol-induced headache to top it all off. 

A fantastic way to unwind and enjoy without imbibing is to try out some delicious non-alcoholic drinks. Though cocktails filled with whiskey, bourbon, and tequila tend to dominate the spotlight, there are so many delicious and refreshing non-alcoholic drink options. You don't need rosé to have a social elixir for the ages.

Not only are these alcohol-free beverages a treat for the tastebuds, but they are something everyone can enjoy. Experimenting with fun drinks is a fantastic way to spend time with friends and loved ones; no ID required! 

Non-alcoholic drinks can be festive, fruity, smoky, spicy, or silly. The options are endless when you don’t cater to what mixes well with certain alcohol. 

Plus, several of these booze-free drinks have health benefits. You can sip with a clear conscience, knowing that you are doing something good for your body while enjoying yourself. 

These beverages cover a wide array of categories. From hot drinks to fruit punch, there is a drink on this list for you to try out. You can also check out this article for some inspiration for non-alcoholic pineapple drinks to try out! 

Whether you had a great day or a less-than-great one, these drinks will add a little extra wonder into your routine. Read on to explore a few non-alcoholic drinks that taste amazing!


Tepache is a fermented drink, sort of like kombucha or kefir. This authentic Mexican beverage is made from the rinds of pineapples and pairs perfectly with a hot day. It’s a fantastic beverage for siesta.

Tepache is crisp, bubbly, and naturally sweet. Traditionally, tepache was sold by street vendors in Mexico. The refreshing beverage was enjoyed by travelers passing through and locals alike. Tepache is a staple in Mexican cuisine. 

Plus, this beverage comes loaded with potential health benefits. It has all of the benefits of fermentation, plus the benefits of a naturally sweet pineapple base. 

Fermented foods can benefit gut health. This, in turn, can support the immune system and overall health. Pineapple also has many benefits. It is rich in fiber and vitamin C

The process for making tepache yourself is very simple. Plus, tepache allows you to get creative with flavor combinations. Each brew of tepache is informed by the brewmaster, and in many cases, that is you! 

Not feeling up to making your own tepache? No worries. De la Calle makes tepache for all of your refreshment needs, so you can grab a sweet sip without all the extra effort. Our tepache comes in a variety of different flavors. You can even use them as inspiration for your next batch of homemade tepache. 

Non-Alcoholic Elixirs 

Many elixirs offer the cocktail spirit without the alcohol. These elixirs come in a multitude of flavors and are most often intended for use as a mixer. 

Some of the more popular favors for non-alcoholic elixirs are citrus, spice, and herbal varieties. Depending on the brand purchased, they may be more or less fragrant and vary in the intensity of flavors. 

These cocktail stand-ins can bring an air of sophistication to otherwise bland seltzer. Though bubbly water is well and good, a tonic mixed with an aromatic herbal mixture adds a little bit of zest into a beverage. 

When looking for a non-alcoholic option with a dainty, special sort of feeling, check out the various elixirs available. There is something wonderful about topping off a tonic water with a sprig of lavender and a splash of smoky citrus essence. Mix agave nectar with a bit of seltzer and a fruity elixir for a non-alcoholic livener with a kick. 

Something like Lyre’s Aperitif Rosso or Curious Elixir No. 1’s cocktails are up to the challenge. 

Zero Alcohol Gin 

This is a great option for those who love a G&T but could go without the gin for the evening. Perhaps, after you try a fantastic non-alcoholic gin, you’ll go without the traditional stuff forever. 

The highest quality zero alcohol gins are brewed in small batches. They are made from juniper, organic spices, and natural botanicals. An option like Monday Zero Alcohol Gin is a fantastic choice.

You can enjoy the comfort of a gin and tonic without the effects of a shot or two of gin. The flavors and freshness remain; it's just the alcohol that's missing! 

There are more options for non-alcoholic gin on the market than ever. Truthfully, some of them look even more beautiful on the bar cart than their alcoholic foils. Mix up a nightcap with grapefruit, lemon-lime juice, spearmint, chili pepper, or even thyme (just not all in the same glass!). Garnish with vanilla pods, star anise, or cinnamon sticks for a truly decadent evening treat.

What are you waiting for? Get googling the best gin mocktail recipes and get shaking. 

Boozless Botanicals 

These botanicals are a lot like the non-alcoholic elixirs. However, botanicals live in a category all their own. 

To be botanical means to relate to plants. Other elixirs may have flavors like smoke or charcoal; these botanical mixes are entirely plant-inspired. 

These drinks also tend to follow a much fruitier palate. Flavors like hibiscus, rhubarb, lemon juice, lime juice, green tea, and herbs like sage are all common versions of different botanical mixes. 

You can enjoy botanicals on their own or with other flavors. You can mix them with other botanicals, add them to non-alcoholic beers, ginger ale, or soda water, or pour them over ice. The options are endless when it comes to botanical delights. We’re particularly partial to the Amass non-alcoholic spirits and Ghia non-alcoholic aperitifs. 

Grab a linen dress and your best picnic blanket. You’ll need your finest wicker picnic basket and glasses that remind you of the summertime too. In tow, a blueberry lavender botanical option and a bottle of sparkling water. What a wonderful day! 

Get Mixing 

As you can see, you don’t need a loaded bar cart to make some show-stopping drinks—at least not in the traditional respect. Whether you're trying out Dry January or just looking to make a low-calorie change, there are a plethora of different concoctions to enjoy sans alcohol. 

There are benefits to lessening alcohol consumption. This can include better sleep, clearer skin, and a generally happier mood. Why not take a trip with some boozeless, zero-proof bevvys? 

You don't need a margarita on the rocks to have a good time. Whether you kick back with a classic tepache or get super spirited with some botanical mixtures, you are certain to create some show-stopping blends. From cardamom to mango to maple syrup, there's no shortage of possibilities.

Enjoy your mornings, evenings, and afternoons coupled with curious elixirs you really love. It is all about having fun after all! 


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