Why Mango Chili Tepache Will Change Your Life!

In case you haven’t heard already, Mango Chili tepache is sure to change your life. This delicious, fruity beverage knows how to bring the heat and is a perfect addition to all your favorite adventurous activities. In this article, we’ll outline how exactly Mango Chili tepache will make your life 100x better!

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What Does Mango Chili Tepache Taste Like? 

Before we dive into all the life-changing qualities of Mango Chili tepache, you might be wondering what it tastes like. Traditionally, tepache is made from fermented pineapple and flavored with cinnamon and sugar, giving it a sweet, earthy flavor and bubbly texture. Mango Chili tepache still has subtle hints of pineapple and cinnamon but has a much bolder, complex flavor.

The mango puree used to make this flavor of tepache gives it the juicy, tropical flavor of mangoes. The ginger and black pepper extract pair perfectly with the sweetness of the mango to give this bubbly beverage a spicy kick, earning this flavor the title of Picante (spicy) Mango Chili. There are also subtle hints of apple and agave mixed in, which work together to give our Mango Chili tepache a complex, layered flavor.     

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Activities That Are Better With Mango Chili Tepache 

If you’re a bold, adventurous person who loves to be outdoors and try new things, we promise that those things will be way better with Mango Chili tepache. Here are a few activities that pair perfectly with Mango Chili tepache:

Hiking With Friends

Want to try out a new trail, breathe some fresh air, and see beautiful nature with your friends? If so, then it sounds like you need to grab your most outdoorsy friends and go for a hike. But before you hit the trail, make sure you pack a few cans of Mango Chili tepache. Nothing will fuel you on that final incline before the summit, like the spicy chili flavor packed into one can of Picante Mango Chili teache. 

If you find yourself exhausted at the top of the mountain, trust that the sweet, juicy flavors from the mango will get your blood pumping again and give you the energy you need to finish your hike. Although it’s always important to have water on hand while hiking, this unique, delicious flavor of tepache is the perfect hiking treat to keep you hydrated and energized on the trails. 

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A Stroll Around the City 

If you’re hoping for a more urban adventure, we suggest going for a lovely stroll around the city and bringing some Mango Chili tepache in your bag. The distinct, tropical flavors of this beverage make any stroll more exciting and enjoyable. Nothing will make you feel as cultured as sippling Mango Chili tepache while you stroll by fancy art galleries and unforgettable architecture. 

Taco Tuesday 

It’s Tuesday, you’re making tacos, and you want the perfect beverage to serve with dinner: look no further than Mango Chili tepache! Whether you made fish tacos with cilantro lime crema or carnitas tacos with pico de gallo, we promise that Mango Chili tepache will be the perfect drink to pair them with. 

Given that our Mango Chili tepache is reminiscent of the mango con chili y limon (mango with chili and lime) that’s often served as a sweet, salty snack on the streets of Mexico City, it will pair perfectly with one of the undoubted Mexican street food favorites: tacos! 

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An Impromtu Street Concert 

We think it’s a great idea to keep a can of Mango Chili tepache tucked in your bag at all times because it’s the perfect accompaniment to any impromptu street performer you happen upon. Whether it’s smooth jazz in the park or a lively mariachi band on the train, this bold flavor of tepache will give your taste buds a concert of their own while you soak in the music around you. 

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Making Fancy Cocktails 

If you’re a tequila lover, then you need to have Mango Chili tepache around for every cocktail hour. Sure, everyone loves a classic Paloma, but if you swap out the soda water for this sweet, spicy tepache flavor, you’re sure to blow your friends’ minds. But don’t feel like you have to just make variations of classic cocktails with this unique tepache. Feel free to experiment and get creative to find the perfect alcoholic pairing for our Mango Chili tepache.

All the Amazing Health Benefits of Mango Chili Tepache 

Alongside all the fun adventures that Mango Chili tepache pairs well with, it’s also an incredibly nutritious beverage. 

Benefits of Mango 

Mango is a low-calorie, nutrient-packed fruit. Specifically, it has tons of vitamin C, an essential vitamin that aids in immunity, iron absorption, increases bone density, and boosts your immunity in general. Mango is also rich in polyphenols, a type of antioxidant. It’s important to eat an anti-oxidant-rich diet because antioxidants protect your cells against free radicals. 

Benefits of Spicy Foods and Drinks 

The spicy kick of Mango Chili tepache isn’t just there for flavor purposes. There are lots of health benefits to incorporating spicy foods into your diet. They help keep your heart healthy, kick-start your metabolism, and can calm your gut, all of which benefit your overall health. 

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Benefits of Tepache

Tepache is also incredibly healthy in general because it is a natural probiotic. Probiotics are bacteria found in some foods and drinks that help keep your gut healthy. Although we often talk about bacteria as harmful germs, there are naturally-occurring “good” bacteria that you need in your gut to process food and fight off infection. Drinking probiotic drinks such as tepache increases the amount of this “good” bacteria in your system. 

Other Reasons Mango Chili Tepache will Change Your Life 

In case you’re not convinced yet, here are three more reasons Mango Chili tepache will change your life. 

It will Make You a Party Favorite

If you bring this bubbly beverage to a party, we promise you you’ll leave a favorite. The surprisingly spicy tropical flavors mixed with the refreshing bubble texture make Mango Chili tepache an instantaneous crowd pleaser. 

You’ll Never Want to Drink Soda Again Once You’ve Tried It

If you’re a soda-lover looking for a healthy alternative, we highly recommend our Mango Chili tepache. It packs the same flavorful punch and is just as bubbly as all your favorite sodas, with only 40 calories and 8 grams of sugar (compare that to the 160 calories and 43 grams of sugar in Orange Crush). Not only that, tepache has a whole bunch of health benefits because it’s a natural probiotic and made from fresh, organic ingredients, making it an obvious choice for a soda replacement.  

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It’s a Tropical Vacation in a Can

This one kind of speaks for itself. After all, who doesn’t love the tropics? If you want to close your eyes, take a sip, and get transported to the streets of Mexico City or the sandy beaches of Cancún, try this tepache flavor. Just know we can’t be held responsible for any travel plans made or flights booked after the first sip. 


Mango Chili tepache is the sparkling probiotic beverage that will change your life. This bold flavor of tepache perfectly balances sweet and spicy flavors to create an unforgettable beverage perfect for hiking with friends, strolling around the city, or taking your Taco Tuesday to the next level. 

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