Tepache as a Kombucha Alternative

Fermented beverages can have an expansive repertoire of benefits for you and your health. Not only does a fermented beverage have probiotic properties that your gut will thank you for, but fermented food and drink also benefit a person’s overall immune health. Fermented foods can keep you living your best life. 

The benefits of fermented drinks are often what draw people to kombucha. But did you know you can get similar health benefits from an entirely different drink? Specifically, we’re talking about one fizzy, fruity alternative. 

Enter tepache! Tepache is the answer to your prayers if you want the benefits of kombucha but don’t like the taste. Even if you are a kombucha fan, tepache is a wonderful beverage to add to your drink portfolio! 

Wait, What Is Tepache?

When looking at tepache as an alternative to kombucha, it’ll be nice to know just what about tepache makes it a probable alternative. It’s not apples to oranges; it’s kombucha to tepache! 

Well, let’s start with what tepache is made of. This traditional Mexican beverage is made of fermented pineapple rinds. Tepache was often served by street vendors to locals and travelers alike. It is a refreshing, naturally flavored, and delicious drink that you’re sure to love.

Tepache is made out of fermented pineapple rinds, water, sugar, and a variety of different spices, like clove and ginger. These spices add to both the flavor and health benefits of a tepache brew. 

Here at De La Calle, we also like to add some more interesting ingredients, as you can see in our Moderno Orange Turmeric Tepache and our Ginger Manzana flavor. Probiotics plus the benefits of turmeric and ginger? Yes, please. 

This reminds us of a few other reasons to try out tepache if you’re looking for a kombucha alternative.

3 Reasons We Love Tepache

If you are not sold on tepache as a good alternative to the tried-and-true kombucha, here are a few reasons why we believe in the power and punch of tepache.

1. Sustainability

The main ingredient in tepache is pineapple rinds, which are usually thrown away after the flesh of the pineapple is consumed. This adds to the already large amount of food waste in the United States. 

Tepache is a more sustainable alternative to other drinks because of this.  

The fact that tepache is sustainable is a great reason to support it. It is more important than ever to consciously choose what we buy. The planet needs all of the help it can get, one pineapple at a time! 

2. Naturally Low in Sugar, Dairy, and Gluten-free!

Another great reason to try out tepache is how friendly it is to multiple different dietary needs. Tepache is naturally free of dairy and gluten. This means anyone with intolerances to either of those ingredients can safely enjoy it. 

Plus, tepache is naturally low in sugar! This is great when looking for an alternative to kombucha, which often has quite a bit of sugar to offset the vinegary taste. 

Since tepache is derived from fruit, there is less need to compensate for flavor with a ton of added sugar. When looking for a low-sugar drink that does not slack on taste, try some tepache. 

3. You Can Make Your Own

DIY, anyone? Tepache is an excellent alternative to kombucha because you can make it yourself with very simple ingredients. 

You don’t even need a SCOBY, which is a major part of making kombucha. The spirit of tepache calls for community and collaboration, and the simplicity of the formula makes it a great drink to create with family and loved ones. You do not need any fancy equipment in your kitchen to make it! 

To make tepache, you only need a couple of basic ingredients. You probably already have it in your kitchen now. Once you’ve peeled a pineapple and saved the skins, the hardest part is over. 

Just put the skins in a large glass pitcher or any other kind of container with sugar, water, and whichever spices you’d like to add for taste. 

Cover your brew lightly and let it sit for about a day, although possibly longer. After that, you should have completed your very own tepache batch. 

Tepache Is Versatile

Aside from the fact that tepache is delicious and sustainable, it also always fits the vibe. Tepache is a versatile drink that you can have at any time of day, for any occasion, or even just because. 

Winding down after a long day? Refreshing tepache will do the trick. Need something to offer to a friend who unexpectedly dropped by? Tepache! Looking for a little pick me up in the middle of the day but not in the mood to commit to that kombucha caffeine buzz? Tepache is your new go-to. 

Tepache Is Caffeine-Free

Another great reason to switch or supplement kombucha with tepache is caffeine! Kombucha is brewed from tea leaves, often green tea, a caffeine-dense plant. That may mean it isn't the best kind of thing to have before bed or in the evening at all. 

Tepache, on the other hand, is caffeine-free. When you skip out on kombucha and opt to reach into your fridge for a cold tepache, you reduce your caffeine intake at the same time. 

Tepache is an awesome fizzy drink without the caffeine baggage. Many other sweet and fizzy drinks have a lot of caffeine and added sugar that tepache does not! 

Try Out Tepache

Kombucha has been on the health food scene for a while now. It has a lot of wonderful attributes and health benefits. That does not mean that you can’t get them elsewhere. The benefits of fermented drinks and probiotics are all found in tepache. 

You get the benefits of kombucha but without some of the attributes of the beverage that may be less desirable. You can have your tepache and drink it too. 

Experimenting with different drinks and flavors is a great way to keep your diet exciting. Tepache is a fun and fizzy alternative to traditional kombucha. From its sustainable dedication to the plethora of different flavors it comes in, tepache definitely earns itself a spot on any glowing grocery list. 

Once you taste this tepache, we’re sure it will become a staple in your pantry. Instead of just a backup for kombucha, tepache could very well become your new favorite fermented delight! 


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