Healthiest Functional Soda Replacement Drinks

Soda, pop, coke: whatever you call it, this long consumed beverage might not be the healthiest drink to keep in your refrigerator. Though it might be tasty at a children’s birthday party or in the occasional mixed drink, soda has fewer health benefits than many of its alternatives. 

So, you are looking to cut down on your soda consumption? Perhaps you are looking to kick the habit forever, but you still want something fun to drink. We’ve got you cpvered. 

At De La Calle, we believe that a healthy beverage should not have to compromise on taste. That’s why our tepache is naturally low in sugar and comes in a multitude of fresh, existing flavors! 

From tepache to sparkling water, there are many different alternatives to soda. When seeking a replacement or alternative to soda, it is important to know what taste you are looking for. Maybe you are after the sugar rush of the drink, or you love the cherry flavors. Perhaps you are just a huge fan of bubbles.

This list gives options that fulfill different niches of the soda craving. Try one, or try them all. Pick and choose some fresh flavor combos, and you may find a brand new beverage bestie. 

If you are ready to find some soda alternatives that are healthy and functional, look no further. Have fun experimenting with these different soda alternatives. 

Sparkling Mineral Water

An excellent way to get your bubble fix is with sparkling mineral water. These come in many different iterations. Some mineral water is flavored; others are not. 

Sparkling mineral water has a bubbly fizz to it. This is great if what you like most about soda is the fizz. 

Sparkling mineral water is not only a great replacement for the fizziness in soda, but it actually has health benefits to boast about too! Mineral water is jam-packed with—you guessed it—minerals! 

Mineral water includes specific minerals like potassium. Potassium is usually found in leafy greens, root vegetables, vine fruits, and citrus fruits. However, you can also get your potassium boost from mineral water. 

Since mineral water is flavorless, there is a lot of room to experiment with flavor here. A classic option is mineral water with a little fresh-squeezed lime juice in it. You can experiment with different fruit and herb combinations to see what you like best. 

Overall, mineral water is an excellent substitute when thinking about reaching for that can of coke. It acts as an excellent supplement for mineral consumption and supplies some fizzy fun. 

However wonderful this water is, the taste is relatively plain. If your soda streak has more to do with the sweetness than the fizz, these next options may be better-suited alternatives! 

Coconut Water

Coconut water is another fabulous alternative to soda that transports you to a tropical paradise. Sip this sweet drink on a morning commute, and the sound of honking drivers and squeaky train tracks will start to sound like an ocean breeze… well, maybe. 

Coconut water is another functional soda alternative that has tons of benefits. It’s packed with potassium. Coconut water also helps with keeping the body hydrated and firing on all cylinders. It is a great source of magnesium, which is key in allowing the absorption of water into the body. 

Soda is full of added sugars, but coconut water is not. Still, the beverage has a naturally sweet flavor. This is a great case for those who drink soda to calm their sweet tooth. 

Coconut water also contains electrolytes. Electrolytes are a key bodily component, especially when it comes to physical activity. That makes coconut water a great replacement for sports drinks as well as soda. 

Many drinks marketed for performance athletes boast their electrolyte content. These drinks tend to be high in added sugars. Coconut water is naturally low in sugar and has the charm of being dense in electrolytes. 

Coconut water is sold in most local grocery stores, so grab one on your next shopping excursion. It is a healthy, tasty, and functional replacement for a soda. 


Finally, tepache is our personal favorite replacement for soda. It ticks both boxes in that it is both fizzy and naturally sweet. You’re going to love it. 

What exactly is tepache? We’ll tell you. Tepache is a traditional Mexican beverage made from the rinds of pineapple. The skin of the pineapple is fermented and dressed with sugar and different spices. The resulting drink is delicious, refreshing, and probiotic-packed. Move over, soda! 

Tepache has a rich and vibrant history. Street vendors traditionally sold the drink in the streets of Mexico. The refreshing fermented drink was a saving grace for sun-soaked locals and weary travelers. 

The fermentation aspect of tepache makes it particularly useful for drinkers. Firstly, fermented food and drink are full of different health benefits, especially thanks to their probiotic content. Probiotics are good bacteria that aid in keeping digestive systems running smoothly, so drinking tepache just might give your gut a boost.

Tepache is not only a healthy alternative, but it is also a fabulously refreshing and delicious option. This drink comes in many different flavors. This means you can test them out and decide which best fills the hole that soda left. 

Tepache will satiate the sneaky craving for a sweet fizzy treat, all while doing a bunch of beautiful things for your body. Sounds like a dream, right? 

Goodbye Soda

All of these drinks are fantastic options when seeking a soda alternative. The best part is, no matter which drink you try, it has health benefits to boot! 

Enjoy anything from coconut water to tepache for a change of pace. Then, get ready to say goodbye to soda forever. There are new bubbles in town! 


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