Mexican Liquor: Timeless Classics and Softer Drinks

Mexican liquor is a vast subject. There are many nuances to the flavors that embody the spirit of these spirits.

This list includes inspiration for drinks to pair with your meal masterpieces or to enjoy on their own. For example, tepache tastes just as refreshing with or without some tacos to accompany it! 

Whether you are prepping for holiday festivities or looking for a signature summer drink, we’ve got you covered. Thought Mexican liquor began and ended with tequila? Think again! 

From tepache to tequila, there is a plethora of different tastes and types of Mexican beverages. While you explore the wonders of Mexican cuisine, never forget that drinks add that extra touch to take your dining experiences from just alright to absolutely authentic! 

It's about time we get into the different Mexican liquors we have been promising. There is no time to waste when it comes to taste! 

Check out these different classic Mexican liquors, as well as some softer drink alternatives. They are sure to be a hit whenever and wherever you’re sipping on them! 

Traditional Tequila 

Though tequila may seem a bit obvious, we would be remiss not to include it in the liquor lineup. After all, we did promise timeless classics. Tequila is a fun, versatile liquor that deserves the renown it has garnered. 

Tequila has a reputation for making you dance like nobody's watching and hit the karaoke stage like a rockstar. When it comes to liquor, tequila is a fantastic place to start if you want to let loose! 

Tequila is made from the blue agave plant, native to Mexico! Beyond that, it comes in several different varieties, including tequila blanco, reposado tequila, as well as tequila añejo. 

Each variety has special characteristics that bring a different flavor to the table, whether you’re drinking it straight or mixing cocktails. Speaking of which, what can we make with tequila? 

Glad you asked! Tequila is the base for Margaritas, Palomas, and a host of other different delicious cocktails. Consider trying the Tequila Sunrise, the Tequila Soda, or the classic tequila sour if you’re looking for something different.  

Even though tequila is not the most obscure Mexican liquor, it is an essential that deserves attention. Hopefully, you feel ready to experiment with some tequila drinks ASAP! 

Coffee King Kahlúa 

Do you love coffee? Do you love a smooth, full-bodied cocktail, too? Enter Kahlúa. 

Kahlúa is an aromatic delight that hails from Veracruz. The drink has a roasted coffee bean base and sends you to heaven with flavors of vanilla and caramel. 

If you’re not looking to be super creative behind the bar cart, Kahlúa is also an awesome option on the rocks. The drink is sweet naturally, so it is a great drink to serve with desserts. No mixers necessary; just pour, sip and smile! 

While it’s delicious straight, Kahlúa is more often found as an ingredient in your favorite cocktails. Cue the cornucopia of cocktails you can make with this lovely liqueur! Kahlúa is used in many favorites like the White Russian, espresso martinis, and a B52 shot.

When you are looking to add a sweet new signature drink to your menu, consider Kahlúa. 

Tried and True Tepache 

Perhaps you are looking for a respite from the intensity of more traditional alcohol—that’s where tepache comes in. Tepache is an authentic Mexican beverage made from fermented pineapple peels and brewed over about 24 hours. 

Tepache is a fantastic refreshment that can be enjoyed by everyone! 

Not interested in brewing your own batch? Fresh out of pineapple peels? Not to worry, we’ve got you covered over at De La Calle.

Tepache is naturally sweet and incredibly refreshing, and there are a variety of flavors you can try out. From ginger to spicy jalapeno, there is no limit to the tepache concoctions you can enjoy. 

Need to cool off on a hot day? A fizzy tepache waits to relieve you. Looking for something to wash down the spice of your meal with? Tepache has got you taken care of!

Tepache is a time-honored tradition in Mexico. Usually sold by street vendors to both locals and weary travelers alike, this drink is sure to win you over. 

All in all, if you are looking for a softer drink that stays in the Mexican tradition, tepache is a jackpot find! 

Drink Up Joyfully 

No matter which beverage tickles your fancy at the moment, know that you have a multitude of options. 

Whether you want a tepache treat or a tequila-fueled fun time, the right Mexican liquor can scratch whichever itch you’ve got! 

Regardless of which beverage you are sipping on, do so in good company. Every drink tastes better with loved ones around. 

Of course, beyond liquor, there are tons of different Mexican beverages to try out. If you are looking to expand your knowledge of authentic Mexican beverages, check out this list of 14 Mexican drinks.

No need to work too hard to find a beverage that makes you smile. Have fun and drink up joyfully! 

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