Mexican Cocktails: Making the Perfect Drink

Mexican cuisine has more to share than just signature, mouth-watering food. From pozole and enchiladas to mole and everything in between, there is no end to the fantastic recipes that fall under that brightly colored umbrella of Mexican cuisine. 

But wait, there’s more! Celebrating Mexican culture cannot end with consuming food alone. The perfect companion to a delicious Mexican dish is a refreshing cocktail to wash it down with. 

Mexican cocktails range from spicy and sensual to smooth and crisp. You can read about the many different Mexican drinks right here, and of course, you also have options if you want to skip the liquor today. Perhaps a tepache will ease you into the plethora of options for traditional Mexican drinks. 

Mexican cocktails do not follow any super strict rules. The most important thing to remember while making them is to practice your mixology with joy. An open mind and a happy heart are key in honing your bartending skills. Plus, it never hurts to gather some friends or family to test your new recipes.

You likely want to get on with the recipes and earn your Michelin stars in Mexican cocktail making. So, let’s do just that! 

Check out these different Mexican cocktails. They provide a variety of flavors so you can please everyone at the table. 

The Classic Mexican Margarita 

Margarita Monday, anyone? More like Margarita any day! The Margarita is likely the first cocktail that comes to mind when you think of Mexican drinks. Are you a salt or sugar on the rim kind of person? 

The fame garnered by the Margarita exists for good reason. The Margarita is a classic cocktail that pairs well with not only Mexican cuisine but tons of other different foods as well. 

From fun seasonal flavors to fruity combinations, you can truly create whatever kind of Margarita you’d like. From hibiscus and guava to a spicy jalapeno Margarita, the zesty base sets the stage for millions of possibilities. 

Margaritas, in their simplest form, are comprised of tequila, triple sec, lime juice, and simple syrup. Of course, you can’t forget the lime wedge and salt or sugar as a rim garnish!

That said, there is so much more room to play. Much like you this holiday season, the Margarita is a perfect host! 

May we recommend trying out strawberry Margaritas as your first venture into flavor deviations? The strawberry Margarita is sweet and will stun your guests with a beautiful pink color. This cocktail looks great on any table! 

The Picture Perfect Paloma

Paloma is the Spanish word for dove, and this drink will make your taste buds flutter for sure. The Paloma is another tequila-based cocktail, but this one packs a sneaky flavor by including a pop of grapefruit. 

That grapefruit goodness usually comes in the form of a grapefruit-flavored soda, like Fresca. However, much like with the Margarita, the Paloma leaves room for personalization. The base of a Paloma, a super simple cocktail, is just tequila, lime juice, and grapefruit soda. You can intensify the flavors by adding more lime juice or orange juice, fresh squeezed or already bottled! 

When it comes to ratios, a good rule of thumb is one part tequila to two parts grapefruit soda. From there, you can better decide which flavors need emphasis or a lighter hand. 

The Paloma has the same garnish as its friend, the Margarita. Simply add salt to the rim and stick a lime wedge on the corner. This cocktail will have you soaring like a dove all night! 


The Michelada might remind you of a Bloody Mary, but it packs a flavor profile all its own. This cocktail is composed of beer, lime juice, assorted sauces and spices, tomato juice, and chili peppers. 

If you aren’t already convinced, let us take you on an adventure with this magic Michelada. There are numerous variations of the drink across Mexico, and likely from kitchen to kitchen as well! 

For example, in Mexico City, the drink is usually prepared with beer, lime juice, and a variety of hot sauces. The drink is then given a salt rim and garnished with chili slices. 

Even so, there are multiple different ways to make a Michelada magnificent. The most common way to experiment with spices and sauces is to change the kind of sauce you add. 

Traditional hot sauce is a great option. You can also use Worcestershire sauce for a smokier flavor in the drink. Perhaps you are looking to supplement the tomato juice with another Mexican classic, Clamato. Clamato is a drink made from tomato juice, clam juice, and various spices. 

There is also the opportunity to get really funky with this drink. You can even swap out the classic beer with a beer alternative, like tepache! This will give the drink a lighter vibe overall and sneak a pineapple punch in there too. 

Practically Perfect Mexican Cocktails

Perfection is a pretty big ask of someone, especially when it comes to something as personal as a cocktail. However, hopefully, this gives you a few ideas about how you can make classic Mexican cocktails on your own.

At De La Calle, we believe that you don’t need to overcomplicate a good thing. Try these recipes in their original form, and then experiment until you find a version you love. Perfection is not required! 

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