De La Calle 2021 Gift Guide

We curated a list of some of our favorite brands to help you with your holiday shopping!
  • Ceremonia

    A clean hair care brand rooted in Latinx heritage that’s on a mission to empower confidence in natural hair wellness. They believe in finding the balance between modern day rituals and their roots in their rich culture. Natural ingredients found throughout Latin America are the star of their products.
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  • Siete

    After experimenting and crafting delicious grain-free Mexican food herself, founder Veronica Garza felt compelled to share it with the world. Thus, Siete Family Foods was born. They’re passionate about creating real food that brings people together as well as advocating for healthier lifestyles among Latino families. We personally love their hot sauces and think their Hot Sauce Sample Pack makes a great stocking stuffer.
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  • De La calle tepache

    De La Calle’s Tepache is a fermented pineapple-based probiotic made with organic pineapples, regional spices, and a variety of tropical fruits. With roots in ancient Aztec culture, this modern take has only 8g of sugar or less and under 40 calories per can! sip as a stand alone beverage or mixed with tequila for a holiday cocktail. ¡Que rico!
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  • Yola

    Handcrafted, distilled on a family farm and bottled exclusively by women, this mezcal is the culmination of heritage and pride. Using a recipe passed down by Yola’s grandfather, this method of mezcal-making is over 300 years old. Their mission is to promote the economic independence of women in Oaxaca while producing award-winning mezcal. To find a stockist near you, visit their store locator.
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  • ElaLuz

    A mindful luxury brand designed to “help everyone find their light.” They use high quality formulations made with clean ingredients and created a line of beauty must-haves that deliver “maximum impact through minimal effort.” Inclusivity, sustainability, and transparency are core values to the brand. Their best-selling body oil will condition, moisturize and visibly repair skin.
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  • Nopalera

    Natural beauty brand featuring artisanal bath and body products, Nopalera gets its name from its main ingredient– the nopal cactus. This Mexican botanical brand creates products inspired by the richness of Mexico as well as the resilience of the plant. Their exfollients, soaps, and moisturizers can be found online and in Nordstrom stores.
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  • Concrete Geometric

    Billed as a “eco concrete homewares” company, this innovative brand offers DIY kits and classes where people can get a hands-on experience in crafting with concrete in their LA-based studio. Planters, jewelry dishes, vases, and more come in earthy hues and dreamy textures. The brand also works to upcycle household plastics into molds for chic concrete vessels.
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  • Que Pica Candy

    Texas-based confectionary brand Que Pica recreates spicy sweets famous throughout Mexican culture. Chile-spiced gummies, dried fruits, and rim dips are just a sampling of their offerings. Rim dips are used to concoct beverages such as micheladas or poured onto cut fruit such as mangos, oranges, coconut and jicama.
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  • Mexico: The Cookbook

    Written by Mexican chef and global ambassador Margarita Carrillo Arronte, this bible of Mexican home cooking was published in 2014. The book has more than 700 authentic recipes that can be crafted at home. It also folds in a culinary history of Mexico dating back 9000 years.
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